Jan. 7th, 2011

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The Yami no Matsuei kink meme!

The previous one has been quiet for a while, so let's shake it up a bit, yes? Feel free to crosspost any prompts from there here if you really want to see them written.

The point is to leave a prompt with a kink anonymously, which someone will then hopefully answer, anonymously. However, note that this journal and all kink memes hosted here have no penalty for going unanon. The point of a kink meme is for people to feel safe in posting things they wouldn't usually own up to, but if you feel comfortable, then go for it.

Also you're allowed to crosspost into your journal if it gets large. Just leave a link and it's good to go. Make sure it isn't friends locked so everyone can read it, though.

-fluff/gen/plot are also allowed. Just because it's a kink meme doesn't mean every entry must be 100% NC-17. Fade to black is fine. PG-13 is fine. 100% G cuteness is fine. If fluff is your kink, then go for it!

-the only wank allowed should be the sexy kind; no kink shaming or pairing spooging allowed. The rule is just to keep scrolling on.

-Generally, if you can, it's best to answer requests as you make requests. However, we don't want to limit people, and not everyone is a writer or artist, so there is currently no limit on how many requests one can make. However, if no one answers, it will die. So do try to help if you can. Don't feel shy because you're an artist or can only write drabbles, or whatnot. Every speerm fill is saaaacreed valued.


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