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Well, the old one has served us well, but it's two years old there's a new game out and hopefully this will bring in a whole bunch more activity.

the usual rules apply.
-The only wank with want is the sexy kind. Leave pairing wars, name wars, and kink wankery at the door, please.

-one request per comment.

-not everyone has played Dark Dawn yet, so make sure to label anything with spoilers in the title of the comment.

-you can use the Japanese names and pairing names when making requests, but make sure you put the English names in parentheses for those who aren't in the know about them.

-if you prefer Japanese names, you can stipulate in your request that you'd prefer them, or fill with them.

-a list of kinks to get you started.

-there's no limit on requests at the moment, but the meme will die out if no one fills too, so in general there's a big suggestion of 'if you can, fill for request you make.' However we know that not everyone is a writer or artist, so if you're just here to read, then don't think you can't make requests too.

-just because this is a kink meme doesn't mean PG-13 and under fics can't come play too.

A new posting rule applies. If you want to fill out an old request from the past meme, copy it over and fill it here, but leave a comment at the old meme, so if the op has it tracked, they can find it again.
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